Vine, do you have any nightmares??

Vine frowned “Yes…I often suffer from them…I avoid sleeping for as long as I can to avoid them as well…” He averted his gaze, not able to get into details…

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"Right... I hope I'm not imposing on you or anything..."

"Of course not Miss, it’s an honor to invite a guest over." He said, smiling still. The sound of crunching could be heard as they stepped over broken glass and such that littered the floor. "Have you ever been in this part of town?" He asked her curiously.

" Yes I did. " Aaron answered, nodding slightly. " In fact, she was one of my first puppets. I've thought about making others like her before, but if I were to do so then she wouldn't be as special. After all, she wouldn't be the most beautiful if there were others just like her, not to mention the fact that I prefer for each marionette to be unique. There's no sense in having them be the same. Just like people, really. It would make them less interesting, in my opinion . "

Vine smiled a bit at the mans words. “My first truly life like doll was named Emily. I gave her beautiful blue locks and crimson red eyes. She was gorgeous. I no longer have her but I will never forget her.” He told the puppeteer as his eye continued to examine the craft of the puppet. “I agree, I love making each doll for my collection unique and beautiful, no two are the same. Perhaps someday I could share with you my collection as well.” 

*puts a hot towel on his forehead and a blanket over him will sitting soup by him* hehe what my grandma did for me as a child

Vine blinked in confusion. “Huh…? Do I know you…?” He was more delusional than usual due to the fever. A bit disoriented he closed his eye and started to drift off into sleep, the towel giving some comfort.

Muse has a fever: Upon seeing her friend laying on the couch, Jane would go to his side to check for fever and upon learning he has one, would start worrying over him and starting various "mommy treatments": damp washcloth on the forehead, plenty of orange juice, making sure he takes medicine, etc. She would not leave until she was 100% sure that the fever as gone for good.

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I imagine Vine should get sick a lot considering his lifestyle yet perhaps due to living the way he has for so long his body built up an immunity to a lot of things like mold and such. ;w;

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I think the Mun is super sweet and one of my best friends even though I have a hard time talking to them, and the Muse is amazing!
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After living in the game for so long, Sky was feeling adventurous. Checking her power levels, she decided she had more than enough time. With glee, she snuck into one of the lower apartments, crawling in through a window carefully, glad her thick mittens kept her hands safe from the rough worn wood. Almost without sound, she trod across the room to the door, finding it unlocked. She was now in the hallway, Her fuzzy little boots leaving small prints as she explored the first floor in excitement.

The place was dark and dank. Paint was pealing as well as wallpaper while the ceilings had bubbles in them from pooling water. Trash and papers laid about as well as shattered glass and splintering wood. The walls were littered with graffiti  most of the damage being on the first couple of floors. Vandals and trespassers usually didn’t go to high up the building for some feared rotted floors and crazy homeless squatters.

The real thing to worry about running into in this run down building however was a mentally ill man whom made dolls out of lovely young women. Currently Vine was on the fifth floor in one of the many vacant rooms. In this room was where he stored some of his creations. He was cleaning them, touching them up, painting over rotting flesh. All the while he wore a soft smile and spoke to them as though they were listening. They were his family after all, he had to take care of his precious collection.

"heh yup there are lots! some are better then others and well... others are just dead but that's how it goes, besides I like your world its a lot diffident from mine.. things are.. more simple... even tho I still dont understand a lot about here"

"Hmm? Is that true? You don’t understand things here?" He asked her, sounding ever so curious. "What is it you don’t understand?" He asked, wondering if he could help her figure things out. With the way Vine was he probably couldn’t but he didn’t know that.

She couldn't help but flinch when his hand was in her hair, thinking to herself that if she got out of this, she would have to take a shower. "I'm not a doll, so stop calling me one!" she hissed out angrily.

"Yes you are, you shall be part of my lovely collection when I am done with you. I will make you beautiful." He told her as he continued to run his long slender fingers through her soft hair. He didn’t seem upset by her anger, he seemed to be ignoring it like everything was alright, like what was happening was okay. To Vine he wasn’t hurting her, he would be helping her, turning her into art. "I was thinking of cerulean for your new eyes, what do you think doll?" He asked, still wearing that out of place sincere smile.

Valerie smiled as big as her face would allow, "You mean I could live with you, you're not kidding, are you? Cuz, I'd really like that Mr Vine." Valerie couldn't help but have her hands clenched together as she hoped it wasn't a sick joke.

"Of course I mean it little Miss, I can’t leave you out here all alone after all." He told the child with an inviting smile. "Follow me darling, I can show you to my home."  he said as he motioned for her to follow.


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